16:41 | 22.06.10 | News | 2602

“ArmenTel” General Director asks subscribers to observe rules of “computer hygiene”

Yerevan/Mediamax/. General Director of “ArmenTel” Igor Klimko stated today that over the past few days in certain media “practically simultaneously similar publications appeared, containing distorted or incorrect statements on the order of landline connection and internet access services provision by the company”.

Mediamax reports that, speaking at a news conference in Yerevan today, Igor Klimko stated that despite the fact that “ArmenTel” is declared a dominating operator in the market of landline telephony and data transfer transit, “the market is quite competitive today and our company cannot dictate prices in it”.

“As the largest Russian investor in the sphere of communications, we develop and maintain the cable infrastructure, taking upon us the commitment for security and stability of connection in Armenia”, Head of the Company stressed.

Igor Klimko noted that over the past few years, the company spent “hundreds of millions of dollars” on digitalization and update of the cable economy. According to him, this allows developing ADSL technologies of broadband internet access in the capital and the regions of Armenia and reducing prices for internet, “turning this service from an elite one into a product of mass consumption”.

Igor Klimko stated that as a result of broadband internet access technologies’ development, “the outdated dial-up service, which is dangerous for the pocket of the user and which has become the subject of attention of certain media over the past few days” is being left in the past.

He reminded that this is not a new problem and it has been voiced many times, and its solution does not depend exclusively on actions of “ArmenTel” company. Igor Klimko noted that often the reason of negative phenomena is the fact that subscribers do not observe the rules of “computer hygiene”.

“Our company provides free services to block international and interurban access; it carries out measures on public information within the framework of its social programs”, “ArmenTel” Head stated.