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VivaCell-MTS headed the list of top tax-payers of Armenia

Yerevan /Mediamax/. “K-Telecom” Company (VivaCell-MTS trademark) headed the list of 300 top tax-payers of Armenia, having paid taxes at the total sum of 30bln 796mln 438.5 thousand AMD in 2008.

Mediamax reports that the second and the third places in the list are occupied by “ArmRosGazprom” (17,881,166.9 thousands) и “ArmenTel” (Beeline trademark) (15,142,921.0 thousands) respectively.

The list of first ten large tax-payers also included “Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Plant” (14,376,951.8 thousands), “Alex-Grig” (12,534,528.6 thousands), “GorPetrolService” (11,432,437.7 thousands), “Flash” (10,443,141.7 thousands), “Armenian Railroad” (5,282,604,2 thousands), “Electric Networks of Armenia” (5,207,287.2 thousands), and “Grand Tobacco” (4,516,671.1 thousands).

As to the volume of social payments, “K-Telecom” occupies the fifth place (833,543,4 thousand AMD), yielding to “Electric Networks of Armenia” (1,929,822.2 thousands), “ArmRosGazprom” (1,723,906.0 thousands), “Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Plant” (1,175,605.2 thousands) and “ArmenTel” (1,100,000.0 thousands).
As to the number of employees, the first place among Armenia’s tax-payers is occupied by “Electric Networks of Armenia” (7767 employees). The second and the third places are occupied by “ArmRosGazprom” (5605 employees) and “ArmenTel” (4134 employees) respectively. “K-Telecom” occupies the 11th place as to the number of employees (1635 employees).