11:06 | 26.04.24 | News | 14618

Tigran, a participant of the “Get Started” program, has started exploring the startup ecosystem

17-year-old Tigran has been interested in astronomy since he was a child. His curiosity was partly fueled by the starry sky of his birthplace, Syunik, and partly by his sister’s stories about the universe.

Tigran is a senior student at “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” educational complex. About a year ago he participated in a camp at the educational center in Arates village of Vayots Dzor region, and is resolved to establish a small observatory at the educational center.

Tigran’s visit to the Byurakan Observatory, the opportunity to witness the operations of the 2.6-meter telescope, firsthand, as well as the history of the observatory’s achievements, had a decisive effect on his choice.

“I had never been to an observatory before that, and I learnt so much. Getting acquainted with the 2.6-meter telescope filled me with excitement to pursue my chosen path in Armenia. We have opportunities, and it’s up to us to seize them,” shared Tigran.

Enthusiasm is important, but not sufficient to drive an initiative forward. Tigran got an excellent opportunity to learn from leading companies and gain fundamental knowledge about the startup ecosystem as a participant in the “Get Started” educational program, organized by the NGO “Armenian On-line Media and Journalists Association” and Mediamax, with the general partnership with Viva-MTS.

In the first phase of the program, Tigran has already met with heads of companies and foundations, which over years have already accumulated experience and succeeded in Armenia. The second phase will include workshops with mentors. Participants involved in small groups will present their ideas, engage in discussions, and assess potential for their implementation.

“The program is going to change my life; it will never be the same again. No matter the outcome, I will learn from my mistakes. And if I do win, it’ll give my school a reason to be proud,” remarked Tigran.

The startup projects developed in the workshops and recognized as the best will be rewarded with a monetary incentive. The total prize fund is AMD 1,000,000. Results will be announced in summer.