11:05 | 07.12.23 | News | 19645

Ucom unveils an enticing offer for the New Year

From December 5, 2023, until January 31, 2024, customers can avail themselves of the Samsung Galaxy A54 smartphone from Ucom, packed with a range of benefits.

“Ucom offers our customers a great opportunity. The Samsung Galaxy A54 smartphone will allow them to enjoy top-notch communication and Internet access, as well as stay connected with family and friends,” stated Ucom's Director General, Ralph Yirikian.

For just 4,580 AMD per month, customers can own a 128 GB Samsung Galaxy A54 smartphone and receive a Samsung fast charger, along with a free Level Up 1800 prepaid package for the initial month.

The installment plan offers special terms: 0% interest rate, 0% service fee, and 0% advance payment, allowing customers to save 19,590 AMD. This smartphone is waterproof, equipped with an ultra-resistant Super AMOLED screen that reproduces vivid colors, and a multi-camera setup ensuring you capture and preserve essential moments.

Additionally, the smartphone is available for purchase at its full price of 164,900 AMD.