11:40 | 01.12.23 | News | 12561

Ralph Yirikian shared leadership insights at Abu Dhabi University

Ralph Yirikian, Director General of Ucom, delivered a leadership lecture at the Abu Dhabi University' College of Business.

The telecommunications industry accomplished leader shared his extensive experience with graduates from Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge universities residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the invitation of the Leadership School Armenia.

"Leadership is the confidence to uphold truth, the courage to navigate tough decisions, and the ability to comprehend people's needs. The rest is management," remarked Ralph Yirikian.

During the session, Ucom's Director General discussed strategic thinking, goals and objectives as well as mechanisms for their attainment, using as case study the story of Armenia's green telecom operator. He emphasized the importance of embracing mistakes and proposing unconventional solutions to challenges.

Ralph Yirikian noted that taking initiative is the foundational step toward leadership, regardless of the organization's size. The lecture concluded with an interactive Q&A session and group discussions led by the Director General of Ucom.