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Viva-MTS presents a podcast series

Viva-MTS creates its own podcast series and talks about what the company thinks listeners might find interesting.

Podcasts have become quite popular in recent years and have seen a sharp increase in recent years. According to statistics, as of 2023, 464.7 million people worldwide listen to podcasts, which is 22 percent of Internet users.

"The topics discussed in our podcasts are always up-to-date. They will be interesting not only to various professional groups but also to other members of society. This series is one of the important components of the digital content of Viva-MTS," Armen Avetisyan, Viva-MTS General Director said.

The purpose of the podcasts is to introduce followers to the activities of people in the field of information technology, science, data, professional development, education and their personal experience.

Speakers of first two episodes are the employees of the company. The Analytics Team Lead at Viva-MTS Karen Hovhannisyan shares his thoughts about data, its growing significance for companies and a range of other topics and Karmen Mkhitaryan, Internal Communication and Development Senior Specialist of the Company talks about the importance of human resources, their role and their place at Viva-MTS, the Company’s response to the pandemic, the Company’s advantages as an employer, opportunities of work and internship, and employer branding.

In the third podcast Arsen Hambardzumyan, the Founding Member & COO of the “Podcastle” shares about the “Podcastle” tool, the features and opportunities it offers to the users, and provides valuable advice on how to start a podcast.

On the next episode Samvel Khachikyan, co-founder of “SmartGateVC” presents how to start a startup with an innovative idea,where and how to look for investors, and pitch for grants. He also sayswhat are the investment phases in the startup ecosystem and what are the best books to read in search of answers to these and many more questions.

On the fifth episode, founder of “Anna Salome Fashion Marketing Agency”and “SOMA” modeling agency,expert in fashion marketing and personal branding Anna Salome. She talks about fashion marketing, and modelling business in Armenia, How and where to start, if oneis eager to enter the fashion marketing industry, how to succeed and never give up, and how to follow your dream.

In sixth podcast we talk with Dr. Ani Gasparyan, OBGYN, creator of “Woman About Women” expert blog, discusses the challenges she faced before and after the creation of the blog, as well as the culture of shame in Armenia, and the questions that the followers of the blog address the doctor. Ani also shares about the woman who has been her inspiration and her secret of combining the many roles of a doctor, blogger, student, mother of a family, and many more.

In the seventh episode Arto Minasyan, the Co-Founder of “Krisp”, “10Web”, and “Big Story VC” speaks about the revolutionary solution offered by the “Krisp” in noise cancellation, technologies, the current developments on the global scale, the ups and down on the road to running a start-up. He also shares the books that have impressed him, and the dreams that he cherishes now.

Next episode is dedicated tothe “HeyGrowth” Conference and the speaker is Tanya Sukmanskaya, the CEO. She talks about the Russian IT-community living in Armenia. Also, the company prepared 5 quick questions for her about Armenia. Tanya shares about her favorite local food, Armenian hospitality, and many more things.

Roman Daneghyan, the ninth podcast “hero” is the co-founderof “The Business Rover”. He tells about marketing, SEO, and many more topics of interest in the digital world as well as the latest conference “Marketing: Myth and Reality” organized by him.

In the conversation with Arthur Muradyan, Senior Product Manager, the sides discussproduct management, where he shares some interesting cases from his work at “Sololearn”, one of the most famous global e-learning platforms to learn code with more than 20 million users. He also talks about the young people who want to acquire a new skill and land a high-paid job, as well as the overall startup environment and how it feels to work in a startup company with the dynamics and the risks.

The speaker of the Eleventh episode is Harutyun Nahapetyan, Co-founder, CEO at “Wimedia”. He discusses display ads, specifically, Wi-Fi advertisement, also influencer marketing and its growing demand and features.

Mathew Zein, the Chief Editor of “Life in Armenia” magazine came to Armenia for 7 days, but thetrip to our country turned into a 7-year residence with his wife. In podcast, he shared some professional and personal stories as well.

Viva-MTS podcasts are available on the website of the company, on YouTube, Spotify, IMUSIC, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.