10:20 | 21.02.23 | News | 10273

Artur Janibekyan’s Triple S Ventures announces investments in Armenian Docus

Triple S Ventures VC announced its first investment deal of 2023 with one of the participant startups called Docus.

Docus provides the first telemedicine platform, where doctors from developing countries collaborate with hundreds of top medical experts from the US and Europe to provide patients with the best possible care.

Docus is an innovative platform that empowers patients and caregivers to access the best medical care through the collaboration of two top doctors: one local and one international, increasing the chances of receiving an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The most severe patients are concerned with getting a second opinion for their diagnosis and treatment plan. This is a valid concern given that misdiagnosis is the 3rd cause of death and 30% of surgeries appear to be unnecessary.

Currently, Docus focuses on India.

“We are now concentrating on the Indian healthcare sector, as many forward-thinking Indian doctors are open to cooperating with US and European doctors. Furthermore, they speak English as their second language,” Robert Sargsyan, Co-founder, and CEO of Docus, explains.

“I am assured that the partnership between Docus and Triple S VC will allow the startup to quickly expand in the Indian market. We believe that this will be a precedent for Armenian startups succeeding in India,” Avag Simonyan, the Managing Partner of the fund said.

Triple S is a new VC firm founded in 2022 by Artur Janibekyan, Hakob Hakobyan and Avag Simonyan that targets startups in the pre-seed or seed stages.