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Armenian Revytech to cooperate with SAP and SAP Fioneer

Armenian Revytech startup will cooperate with SAP and SAP Fioneer, the world’s largest provider of enterprise applications.

Revytech provides services in several directions: software development, creation and maintenance of infrastructures of any complexity, creation and management of data centers, design and implementation of structural and optical networks, design and installation of corporate power supply network.

Revytech is the business partner of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the world’s leading provider of server solutions which offers Hybrid Cloud Solution and Aruba Solution.

Being the only official representative of the leading international company UiPath in Armenia, Revytech also provides robotic process automation (RPA) services

The company offers artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) product development and services, as well as cyber security and information security.

Tigran Simonyan, General Director of Revytech, said that this is a historic moment for their company, and this cooperation is exceptional.

Tigran Simonyan Tigran Simonyan
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“We have been operating for about a year and our biggest achievement is our partners. There is no alternative to introducing digital technology into the economy today. We are not alone in this mission, we have strong partners on behalf of SAP and SAP Fioneer, which are the leading technology companies in the world.

We will introduce advanced technologies based on in-memory computing, data analysis, RPA, artificial intelligence and machine learning into the Armenian economy. Through our partners represented in 180 countries, we get the opportunity to export our developments and products to various markets around the world,” said Revitech’s General Director.

According to Alexander Metechko, CEO of SAP CEE Multicountry cluster, the Armenian market is quite promising at the moment. It is open and ready for innovations and development. Digital transformations are important for companies to develop quickly and be competitive both on the domestic and international markets.

Alexander Metechko Alexander Metechko
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“SAP attaches great importance to any cooperation to help our partners and customers become better. I am confident that with the professionalism and experience of Revytech we can help many companies in Armenia become more useful in the development of the digital economy.

Thanks to this cooperation we can help not only companies operating in Armenia, but also contribute to the development of the Armenian economy in general. We have been cooperating with various Armenian companies for more than 10 years, with Revytech we can further contribute to digital transformation in Armenia,” said Alexander Metechko.

At the invitation of Revytech, the representatives of SAP Fioneer companies are in Armenia on a five-day visit in order to start cooperation, get familiarized with Armenia's digital transformation agenda and participate in business meetings in the framework of ongoing projects.

SAP Fioneer enables banks and insurance companies to transform, develop and differentiate their businesses while meeting their needs for speed, scalability and cost efficiency through end-to-end solutions for digital business, cloud technologies, banking and insurance processes. It has offices and operations around the world and a strong presence in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Dirk Kruse, CEO of SAP Fioneer, emphasized that banking companies around the world are integrating cloud technologies, and new fintech solutions are emerging along with it: their mission is to integrate these solutions into companies more easily and quickly.

Dirk Kruse Dirk Kruse
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“This is a great opportunity for us because we will leverage Revytech’s experience in Armenia, combining it with the advanced technological expertise of SAP and SAP Fioneer. In today’s changing world, high quality software production for banks and businesses can only be provided through close cooperation,” said Dirk Kruse.

Within the framework of the visit to Armenia the heads and representatives of SAP and SAP Fioneer visited TUMO center, held meetings with the representatives of Central Bank of Armenia, High-Tech Ministry and a number of other ministries and public administration bodies.

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Armenian banks and financial institutions were introduced to the innovative cloud platform ClaaS (Corporate landscape as a service new business model), developed by SAP Fioneer, SAP and REVYTECH, as well as its benefits and opportunities.

SAP is the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software. Founded in 1972 in Germany, it has become one of the world’s leading producers of software solutions for the management of business processes.  The company offers solutions for 25 business sectors and 12 business directions. 99 of the 100 largest companies in the world are SAP customers. The company has more than 110,000 employees in more than 180 countries.

ACBA Technologies acting under the Revytech brand, was founded by ACBA Federation and Revolutionary Technologies.

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