14:29 | 03.08.22 | News | exclusive 17126

Artur Janibekyan and the founders of the Seaside Startup Summit are launching TripleS Venture capital firm

Co-founders of “Seaside Startup Summit” - Hakob Hakobyan and Avag Simonyan - along with executive, entrepreneur Artur Janibekyan, have founded a new international Venture Capital firm called Triple S Ventures.

Triple S has decided to engage more actively in Armenia and abroad. It targets startups in the Pre-seed or Seed stages and plans to focus its investments across AI and Blockchain technologies, creator economy, SaaS platforms and Fintech.

Speaking with ITel.am co-founder Avag Simonyan said that the idea to found Venture Capital firm came up back in 2018 during the organization of Sevan Startup Summit and Seaside Startup Summit.

“Previously, we made a number of investments with the SSS fund. The most successful example is SuperAnnotate AI. We realized that in addition to education and ties, the time has come also to invest. Coronavirus pandemic and the war strengthened that desire.

Triple S will support SSS. Participating teams will already be considered by the fund. The winners will immediately get the opportunity to present their ideas and products to the partners of our fund. Depending on what stage the startup company is, we plan to invest up to $250 thousand.

Our fund is most importantly looking to invest in scalable ideas and promising founders. It will support the startups that will add value to the growth of the Armenian High-Tech Ecosystem,” Avag Simonyan said.

Triple S is a group of international entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and mentors, committed to helping the best impact-driven startup founders and ideas, by providing access to a network of partners, talent, investors, or customers and by sharing expert knowledge in the legal, marketing & finance fields. It plans to invest in about 30 startup companies in the next 3 years.

TripleS founder Artur Janibekyan has already invested in over 15 startups in the recent years and is interested in the development of innovative startup culture.
“There is a great potential not only in Armenia but also among Armenian youth that is spread all over the world. TripleS aims to find these striking young minds and help them with funds and its network of mentors and professionals. TripleS is a structure that will be their guiding hand in the entrepreneurship world,” he noted.

“We brought together successful LPs in the fund, who are also a network of internationally qualified and experienced field gurus. At TripleS ventures, we want promising ideas to ride on the skills, knowledge, and expertise that we have built over the years, thus empowering them to grow at an accelerated pace,” said the venture partner Zareh Baghdasarian.

Triple S is also launching in the US- Southern California. The fund has set goals to expand to the EU and the UK markets. The founders are planning to have larger funds in the future and are open to new partnerships and collaborations.