15:54 | 26.07.21 | News | 5900

Viva-MTS supports installlation of modern outdoor lighting system in Voskevan

Adhering its corporate social responsibility (CSR) culture Viva-MTS implements different social projects in Armenian regions for over 16 years. With the help of its partner organizations and due to years of continuous thorough work, major infrastructural problems are resolved. One of them is the development of infrastructure in rural areas.   

Though working coordination mechanisms have changed due to the pandemic and war, Viva-MTS and the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) continue implementation of the designed plans to ensure productive results of the projects. The partner organizations did not stop project implementation even during the 44-day-long war.

Modern outdoor lighting system was installed in the borderline Voskevan community in Tavush region. 39 LED lights were installed, which will cover around 1500-meter-long street. All primary and 2 secondary streets were illuminated as a result of the project.  Noyemberyan municipality contributed to the project implementation as well.

At the launching of the energy-efficient, LED lighting system participated the General Manager of Viva-MTS Ralph Yirikyan, Project Coordinator of the FPWC Martin Maralchyan, mayor of Noyemberyan Karen Abazyan, Voskevan community leader Vladimir Ghazinyan and local community members.

“Borderland and remote villages remain in the focus of our attention. Programs like these help us mitigate the development gap between the capital and the regions to a certain degree. Our partners oftentimes start from scratch, or sometimes replace the old and worn out infrastructures  with new ones. Exploitation of these systems is fundamental for the remote villages. People living in the borderland regions know they are not left alone with the problems and the very limited community budgets are spent with more efficiency. This year, too, we are standing by the side of those communities,” Viva-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.

The partners plan to implement projects of installation of modern infrastructural systems during this year. Infrastructural development is important for providing security for local population, creating environmental-friendly communities as well as for creating saving opportunities for the community annual budget.

During 2021 it is planned to install 32 LED lights in Voskevan to ensure the whole village is illuminated. Around 1200-meter-long street will be illuminated as a result. The project will prioritize the streets which are near the border. The implementation of this project will launch soon.