11:16 | 06.07.21 | News | 3816

Another Target Group for the Housing Project

It's over 10 years, through the united efforts of Viva-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, housing problem is solved in different regions of Armenia. The partners assist those families who, due to social problems, cannot afford to complete the construction of their semi-constructed houses, live in metal containers or lack shelter at all.

In the current year, target families are also those who became homeless as a result of the war, families who came from Artsakh and now rent houses in different regions. The 2021 housing program is launched; the partners have signed the partnership agreement and moved to the next stages of the project. The heads of the partner organizations visited Vayots Dzor Region. The first meeting was with the Ghambaryans who had moved to Yeghegnadzor from Artsakh.

The Ghambaryans have lived in Berdzor town of Kashatagh community of Artsakh for a quarter of a century, twenty-five years. Hayk and his wife met and got married there, built their home, had their children. As a result of the last war, the Ghambaryans, like many other families, had to leave what they have created for many years and move to Vayots Dzor region. After having rented a house for some period, Hayk could purchase a house that needed roof and heating system installation. The partners, who were willing to assist the Ghambaryans, included them in the housing project.

“It's hard to lose a house. It's hard to move from one house to another. But we have what we have. Life is going on and we should be able to create a new and more solid foundation. We could purchase a house, but it needs roof and heating system installation,” said Hayk.

In 2021, for the implementation of the housing project, Viva-MTS invested AMD 225 mln.

“The current situation in the country and the deep mark of the war forced our company to review its strategy and adopt a more flexible approach in implementing Corporate Social Responsibility programs (CSR). There have been some changes in the housing program this year, too. We made an important decision with our partners: the target group, which we have supported for more than ten years, surely, won’t be ignored, but there is also a need to be a strong support to the families, who have suffered twice in their lives. We will also be supporting the families displaced from Artsakh and those left homeless. We will support with love and patience and we’ll strive to spread positive energy; we all really need this,” Viva-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.

“The partnership agreement of the current year between Viva-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia is already signed. It is planned to assist 84 families. By the end of the year, the construction of 44 semi-constructed houses and the renovation of 40 houses will be finished. We have already started working with some of the families; others are still in the selection process. We hope that with our support the families will be settled and the forced displacements which have become a fate for our nation will never repeat,” said Fuller Center for Housing Armenia President Ashot Yeghiazaryan.