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The tech community has celebrated the Earth Day

On April 22, Earth Day, Synopsys Armenia arranged an online event – a virtual eco-tour held in cooperation with Eco Waste environmental NGO and in partnership with the Enterprise Incubator Foundation and the Gyumri Technology Center.

Held with a theme “Restore the Earth”, the event was aimed at raising awareness about the RRR system (reduce, reuse, recycle) and waste sorting and recycling ways and approaches used in Armenia.

According to Gayane Markosyan, the Head of Synopsys Armenia PR & Communications, and Community Programs Leader, Synopsys in Armenia is consistently contributing not only to the development of the IT sector in Armenia, but also to the seeding and cultivating of the CSR (corporate social responsibility) culture.

During the virtual tour the Program Manager of Eco Waste NGO Marine Ohanjanyan presented how the culture of waste sorting and recycling began in Armenia, when several schoolchildren, students, lecturers, public and private employees came together working on the streets on a voluntary basis, and how this became the basis for the current waste sorting program implemented by the Yerevan Municipality.

She also introduced the programs currently being implemented in Armenia, bringing many examples of waste reduction and waste recycling: chair made of plastic bottles and used clothes, a dog or cat house from useless tires, lamps from tin containers, etc. She particularly made a reference to the Artsakh war in 2020, during which hats for soldiers were sewed from T-shirts and other clothes, as well as many other items like pillows, blankets were made from the waste.

The virtual event was attended not only by the employees of the Yerevan branch of Synopsys Armenia, but also by the students of the Synopsys Armenia Education Department studying in the Gyumri branch of the company and by the employees of other centers operating in the Gyumri Technology Center.

It should be reminded that the Synopsys educational program is implemented by Synopsys Armenia Education Department jointly with the National Polytechnic University of Armenia and Yerevan State University through the implementation of "Industry – Academia" educational cooperation model. The program aims at preparing industry-ready specialists with practical skills that are well-equipped to meet the highest international engineering standards in the fast-paced world of semiconductor technology.