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Armenian startup uniQ helps social media users get captions for their posts

A graduate of the 5th cycle of Armenian Startup Academy, uniQ startup establishes connections between social media users and creative individuals (writers), enabling them to get captions to their social media posts from the writers.

The uniQ team has told Itel.am that the users only need to upload the picture they want to post and the creators registered on the platform will suggest unique captions.

“Our service provides several options for captions for the users, from which they can choose,” said the team.

uniQ was born during the Startup Boost Weekend (SBW) contest and granted the first place.

“I’m sure everyone finds it hard sometimes to write a caption, which is why we decided to solve the issue that we ourselves and 95 million other Instagram users experienced. Our second step was participating in Seaside Startup Summit 2019 contest, where we pitched our idea and took the first place in Entertainment and Gaming category. We graduated from the incubator at the Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center (EPIC) in the American University of Armenia. Now, we are also graduates of the Armenian Startup Academy’s Pre-Accelerator,” said the uniQ team.

The startup’s solution, according to the founders, does not have an analogue in the world, because it enables users to get a customized caption for affordable price in mere minutes. 

The uniQ’s all-female team of three is comprised of CEO Nver Kassis, CFO Anzhela Poghosyan, and COO Araksia Melikian.

The startup targets 3 groups: influencers, marketing companies or individual specialists, and small businesses. According to the team, these groups make post frequent on social media and need engaging captions.

In the nearest future, uniQ will launch a mobile app – the startup is now looking for investors.

“In addition to assistance with captions, the app will enable social media users to get photo editing and help with hashtags and post planning,” added the uniQ team.

Narine Daneghyan