11:43 | 20.05.20 | News | 15023

Viva-MTS integrates the “Lucky Carrot” platform to increase employee engagement, cooperation and productivity

It is a known fact that organizations that have engaged and productive teams assure better productivity and innovation. With the recent changes in organizational behaviors and workforce, companies need to address new challenges and changes with the help of productive teams, increased agility and cooperative spirit.

Viva-MTS signed a cooperation agreement with the Armenian startup “Lucky Carrot” to implement an information-analytical platform. The platform is meant to motivate and engage staff by allowing individuals to appreciate and commend the work and values of colleagues. Considering the current state of emergency, Viva-MTS is taking every measure to ensure that the quality of work and relevant values are kept at high standards, and that it continuously appreciates its employees.

What is engagement as a concept used in Human Resource Management?  It means sharing company values and loyalty, using knowledge and skills for the benefit of the company’s goals, taking credit and responsibility for success and failure, express mutual respect and lend a hand to a co-worker in order to successfully complete the team’s task.

“When we talk about Viva-MTS, we immediately think of one of our biggest assets - our employees. Thanks to them, our Company upholds strong work ethics, values and respect, not just towards our customers and stakeholders, but to our community and environment as well. The employee is our driving force. The new “Lucky Carrot” platform will pave the way for employees to share appreciation to their colleagues, to help improve our productivity and to obtain regular analytical reports to help us identify new instruments for improvement. We are proud to collaborate with “Lucky Carrot” which has proven to be a fashionable, fresh, modern and useful startup in Armenia, with bright and talented young Armenians,” Viva-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said.

“Viva-MTS expressed interest in our proposal soon after receiving it. Quick and professional responses from the Company were followed by meetings and negotiations. As a result of our diligent cooperation these past few months, we very happy to be signing a Memorandum of Understanding today,” stated Mariam Gyulumyan, the co-founder and CEO of “Lucky Carrot”.

“Lucky Carrot” lets employees to thank one another by sending virtual “carrots” and identifying the Company’s core values relevant to the employee’s work. Unlike other similar platforms that exist in the global market, “Lucky Carrot” additionally incorporates tools for companies to conduct profound and comprehensive assessments and analysis relevant to dynamics of team work, product development, and services, among others.

“Viva-MTS appreciates the value that “Lucky Carrot” has to offer, and has been supportive in helping us increase our relevance in the local market by implementing this system in the company. This collaboration will serve useful for our team to increase our know-how and develop larger ideas to work with larger companies and to grow in the global market, such as the UAE and the Baltic States as we have planned,” mentioned Mariam Gyulumyan.