09:11 | 27.04.20 | News | 8343

Viva-MTS donates 500 smartphones to increase access to online learning

 In the framework of the coordinated efforts against COVID-19 and the company’s work toward securing access to online learning for children in socially vulnerable families, Viva-MTS has donated 500 smartphones to the Armenian Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport (ESCS).

The new Xiaomi smartphones will be provided to the schools in the marzes, which teach students included in this program. The target audience also includes single parents, socially vulnerable parents, and families with two and more children of school age.

In cooperation with ESCS Ministry, Viva-MTS has provided access to various online platforms and mobile platforms. The company is currently supporting another equipment donation program.

The distribution of the smartphones is underway. The first batch has been delivered to Shirak marz. The program includes all marzes.

“Given the circumstances, distance learning has become part of daily agenda. We live in an era that requires quick, relevant solutions and decisions, coordinated work and collaboration for making distance learning accessible for everyone, keeping the education process going, and supporting the teachers as much as we can. With this program and other efforts, we reiterate our company’s responsible approach. We strive to help where we can help and where our assistance is needed. I am certain we will overcome this crisis together and resume our previous routine,” said Viva-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

The ESCS Ministry announced that the schools in the marzes needed 24,000 devices to make online learning accessible to all students. Various companies are involved in the donation program.