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Yerevan to host N2 Forum in October

For the first time Armenia will host N2 Forum on 10-12 October at Marriott Armenia Hotel. It is a series of events, organized, hosted and sponsored by leading local and international organizations.

The N2 Forum will include the following events:

October 10

- The 5th Armenian Internet Governance Forum, organized and hosted by the Internet Governance Council in partnership with the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia, the Internet Society NGO and Internet Society Armenia Chapter.

In celebration of its 5th edition, ArmIGF will traditionally provide an open and transparent platform for all stakeholder groups to bring up and discuss relevant Internet governance issues and to inform policy making processes.

- Armenian Network Operators Group Forum organized and hosted by the Union of Operators of Armenia in partnership with the Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia. ArmNOG will gather technology experts from the region to discuss core operational issues and share ideas on evolving the Internet in the region.

- Internet Society Internet of Things Special Interest Group Workshop, organized by Internet Society IoT SIG. The workshop will gather international organizations, academia representatives, state and industrial leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities that this new technology brings to developing economies.

11 Օctober

- RIPE NCC Banking workshop organized by RIPE NCC and hosted by the Central Bank of Armenia. The workshop will gather bank professionals and representatives from financial institutions to introduce them to the modern telecommunication technologies and standards, and the Internet ecosystem.

- Youth IGF Armenia, organized by a team of young enthusiasts, formed on a multi-stakeholder principle. The inaugural event is organized by young people and for the young people. Internet related hot topics will be discussed, enabling youth to make their voices heard.

11-12 October

- The fourth Eastern European Domain Name System Forum (EEDNSF), organized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and hosted by the Internet Society NGO, .am ccTLD Registry.

The EEDNSF is a regional event, and part of ICANN's regional outreach efforts to raise awareness and collaborate with stakeholders on issues related to the Domain Name System (DNS). It comes as a continuation of the earlier engagement efforts to bring global discussions on the DNS to the regional level, and uncover the contexts surrounding the regional and local perspectives.

More about all events can be found in corresponding websites or N2Forum website where you can register and find more detailed information. You can track the events on social media with the hashtags #ArmIGF5, #ArmNOG, #IoTSIG, #youthigfam, #yigfam, #EEDNSF, #EEDNSF2019.