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Over 400 schoolchildren participated in "Armath" technocamp held with the support of Ucom

On July 1-19, the college named after Monte Melkonian in Dilijan hosted the two flows of the participants of "Armath" summer technocamp for children aged 10-13 and 14-17 respectively. In total, over 400 schoolchildren from all regions of Armenia, including Artsakh and Javakhk, were hosted at the camp. Among technocamp participants there were also children who had arrived in Armenia in the framework of "Ari Tun" program.

On July 10-19, the second phase of the camp intended for children aged between 14 and 17 took place. Over 200 schoolchildren and 13 team leaders from all regions of Armenia participated in the second phase of the camp.

At this phase of "Armath" technocamp the participants learned to create a smart management system of LED lights with the help of RaspberryPi platform and using Python programming language as well as receive various data through sensors. They also learned to assemble and program robots. The ultimate goal set for the teams was to design a robot corresponding to the standards of Robotex Armenia competition and able to find solutions to problems.

In addition to robotics, the second phase of the camp also offered cultural, sports and entertainment components to participants. "Shtigen Kids" project manager Ani Aghajanyan visited the children at the camp and in the framework of the project had a presentation on renewable energy.

At the end of the second phase of "Armath" technocamp, a final competition with participation of campers took place during which the teams were to solve the following problems: the robot created by the teams was to follow road markings, take and place a conditional trash bin using its hand, make conditional parking at dedicated areas and cross the crossroad equipped with traffic lights when the light was green. The problem was to be solved only through automatic management. Once the robot was ready, the teams could not interfere with its actions. Arduino and SeRob platforms as well as C++ and Snap programming languages were used.

"Here we have children who have attended "Armath" engineering laboratory for only a month and are already able to solve complex problems usually assigned to university students. At their age we could only dream of creating and programming robots with our own hands, and now with the support of Ucom both girls and boys have the chance to acquire engineering knowledge and creative skills, which cannot but make us happy," said Tigran Safaryan, Marketing and Communications Director at Ucom.

Of 13 teams that took part in the competition, the winner was the 6th team among the members of which there were students of "Armath" engineering laboratories operating in Ashnak, Arteni, Ranchpar and Aragats. The robot designed by this team was able to meet almost all the goals set for it and scored the highest number of points. All the members of the team received smart watches from Ucom. Hayk Sargsyan, the best member of the team, received an electric scooter, and the team leader Slavik Israyelyan - a tablet.

The 13th team took the second place with very small difference in scores. The team was composed of Armath students from Noratus and Gavar. The best memeber of the team Vahe Davtyan received a smart watch from Ucom, and other members of the team - 16 GB memory sticks from the UATE. The second team solved the problem through Arduino (C++) platform and was the best at crossing the crossroads.

Schoolchildren from Yerevan, Armavir, Ranchpar, Norakert, Damala, Karvachar, Arteni, Agarak (Syunik), Agarak (Aragatsotn), Mastara, Ashnak, Agarakavan, Kaqavadzor, Dilijan, Sotk, Tchambarak, Gavar, Noratus, Akunk, Gyumri, Saratak, Haykavan(Shirak), Vahramaberd, Hadrut, Kajaran, Kovsakan, Askeran, Martakert, Sos, Lorut, Arevatsag, Mets Ayrum, Vanadzor, Aygepar, Choratan, Ijevan, Artashat, Hartavan, Lusagyugh, Berdzor, Martuni (Artsakh), Ishkhanadzor, Vardenis, Drakhtik, Vahan, Katnaghbyur, Aparan, Berdavan, Nerkin Tsaghkavan, Lusagyugh, Hartavan, Heshtia (Javakhk) and Tumanyan participated in the camp.

This year, "Armath" technocamp was supported by the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF), Support to Javakhk Fuoundation (STJ), Instigate Mobile, Cronimet Mining, Ucom, "Sahman (Border)" NGO, Artsakhbank, World Vision Armenia, Armenian Educational Foundation, "Vardanants Knights" organisation and Nazaryan Educational Foundation.