11:31 | 21.03.19 | News | 7869

PicsArt has 130 MAUs and succeeds in China

Armenian-American PicsArt company’s app has recently hit 130 million monthly active users worldwide, TechCrunch announces.

In October 2017 the company announced it has more than 100 million monthly active users (MAUs). 

Nearly 80 percent of PicsArt’s users are under the age of 35 and those under 18 are driving most of its growth.

Most of PicsArt’s users live in the United States, but the app owes much of its recent success to China, its fastest growing market with more than 15 million MAUs. 

“Despite being headquartered in Silicon Valley, PicsArt has placed its research and development center in Armenia, home to founder Hovhannes Avoyan. This gives the startup access to much cheaper engineering talents in the country and neighboring Russia compared to what it can hire in the U.S. To date, 70 percent of the company’s 360 employees are working in engineering and product development (50 percent of whom are female),” TechCrunch writes.

Founded in 2012, PicsArt has an app and social network for photo editing, collage making, drawing and joint editing. The company has offices in Yerevan and San Francisco and has raised USD 45m so far.