17:06 | 06.03.19 | News | 5212

Armenian-British WICASTR to participate in Techstars Lisbon Accelerator

Armenian-British WICASTR is among 10 companies, which will participate in Techstars Lisbon Accelerator.

The program is implemented jointly with Semapa Next and focuses on companies that solve issues of production, transportation, logistics, sustainability and traveling.

At the end of the three-month program on May 29, the companies will present their products during the demo day.

“Techstars and Semapa Next aim at helping 10 companies develop with the help of our partners and wonderful mentor network,” the accelerator noted.

In May of 2013 WICASTR was created in London and later opened an office in Armenia. Its SMART EDGE platform provides data processing and content distribution (apps, music, sites, games and so on) in real time without internet.

The platform consists of two components – a device with significant storage, which will operate as local server for data analysis and distribution of content in real time, and software, which gives the opportunity to remotely control the device and update the content.