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noomee app for children with autism to be incorporated at rehabilitation centers

noomee, a mobile app that helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) develop their daily life skills and become independent, is now available at rehabilitation and daycare centers of Armenia.

The app enables rehabilitation and daycare centers provide 24/7 support to children with special needs.

In an interview to Itel.am, co-founder of the startup Gayane Hovhannisyan noted that they have already started cooperation with 3 similar establishments.

noomee team noomee team

“I have been working with special needs children as an occupational therapist for 12 years. The idea of creating such an application came to my mind during the working process. It was necessary to not only make the work of therapists easier and more effective, but also offer an additional tool for parents. The app is already in the testing phase and will be ready for use at the end of the year,” Gayane Hovhannisyan said.

She told that the app consists of 4 sections, which solve communicational and behavioral problems of children with ASD, as well as help them develop skills for organizing and focusing on daily routine. The app is designed for children, parents and therapists as well.

noomee mobile app noomee mobile app

The first section helps children organize their daily routine with pictures, texts, and voice commands. The second section develops skills of communication and positive behavior through social stories (fairy tales). Third section enables parents to track the child’s location through GPS system, as they often get lost because of lack of attention. And the fourth one is designed for parents and therapists and provides them with information about child’s progress or points for improvement, based on the analysis and collected database.

“The app helps working with more children and gives the opportunity to expand the range of services provided. noomee is ready to support rehabilitation centers through new partnerships,” Gayane Hovhannisyan concluded.