14:56 | 23.10.18 | News | 8638

Ucom launches uFleet, an innovative solution for car fleet management

Ucom’s uFleet, a cutting-edge fleet management cloud service, introduced in the beginning of October at DigiTec 2018 technology exhibition, is already available for use.

uFleet is designed to help increase the productivity and efficiency of drivable assets.

The system is available to business customers throughout Armenia. It is tailored for business customers who want an easy to use fleet management system via “Software as a Service” model (SaaS) without the hassle of creating their own infrastructure. The system will be available to those fleet managers who wish to monitor the performance of drivers and compliance with company benchmarks and principles. And it will also interest managers who want to be sure that drivers do not misuse company vehicles and follow safe driving behavior.

«The uFleet trilingual system will be provided via “Software as a Service” model, which will help improving the efficiency of car fleet management and maintenance, as well as refrain from investments in infrastructure to reach the aforementioned goals», said Hayk Yesayan, the Co-founder and Director General at Ucom.

The service will enable its users to track the movement of vehicles and the performance of drivers in real time, on an interactive map. They will get reports about driving speed, mileage, stops; see trail history for specific dates and see the actual routes driven by the drivers, with stops and separated trips; get the exact distance driven with the Route Calculator. If needed, the system will also allow providing access to the drivers themselves, so that they can see their own reports, the location of the car on an interactive map and the trajectory of the route taken.

uFleet may also be accessed from a smartphone via compatible browser. The system enables tracking machines in Armenia, Artsakh and in over 100 countries.